About Us

Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul Mask! Yeah, we know the name sounds weird but it represents us for now so let’s roll with it. Anyways, this is a place where you will find various anime merchandise of extremely high quality. We have created a place where fans of all ages and sizes can come together and spend their time scrolling through some amazing collectibles. As the name (Tokyo Ghoul Mask) suggests, this web store is made specifically for Tokyo ghoul fans who want everything at one place. Our online shop is a perfect place to buy cosplay, figures, keychains, T-shirts and obviously Masks from the famous anime series “Tokyo Ghoul”.

Tokyoghoulmask.com will become the #1 source of treasures for fans of Tokyo Ghoul.

Our store offers a wide variety of Tokyo Ghoul merch. Tokyo Ghoul was quite a regular manga published in 2011 but very soon, after the release of the anime. It became so popular that people outside Japan started watching it. While we were developing this store, we made sure that every Tokyo Ghoul fan can find something to their liking.