Kaneki Mask – With 3D Realistic Teeth Pattern



  • Kaneki Cosplay Mask
  • Comes with an adjustable Zipper
  • Made from a blend of PU Leather , Alloy and Stainless steel
  • One size for all
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Free Shipping



Take a look at this Kaneki Mask. It looks exactly like in the anime version and is perfect for Ghoul look – This Kaneki Ken cosplay mask is 100% authentic and is made up of adjustable straps that let you resize it to perfectly fit your facial structure. It is unisex so it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, this tokyo ghoul mask kaneki will definitely complete your Tokyo ghoul cosplay! Wear it for cosplay or just for fun! This particular Mask will make everyone jealous and help you steal the show.


The Ken Kaneki mask is quite accurate and looks exactly like the mask that Ken wears in the anime. The mask looks simple but really isn’t; It is made up of breathable material for the convenience of the person who wears it. The teeth pattern are very realistic and the quality of the mask speaks for itself. Check out the images below to get accurate idea.

• This is the only High Quality, 100% tested Mask with 3D Realistic Teeth Pattern.
• It comes with an adjustable Zipper
• Perfect for a great cosplay!
• Material: PU Leather + Alloy + Stainless steel
• Size: Can be Adjustable. It can fit almost anyone
• 100% Brand New
• No hidden or shipping cost at all.

Check out the video below for the full view:

Shipping details:

The Ken Kaneki mask will be shipped to you for free in 19-39 days. However, with a minor shipping fee, you can get it in just a week. So plan accordingly and order yours now! The best part about this order is that it can easily be tracked online.

  • Delivery Time: 19-39 days
  • Package Weight: 0.2kg
  • Package Size: 10cm x 10cm x 2cm

Billing details:

The Tokyo Ghoul mask is for $19.90 right now but it’ll be on sale soon so grab yours before they are all sold out.

The material of the Tokyo ghoul mask kaneki:

This Kaneki Ken mask is made up of high-grade faux leather that easily fits the shape of your face. The high-quality material of the Kaneki Ken cosplay mask ensures its original texture as it makes it wear resistant.

Note: The package of the “Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki mask cosplay” includes only one product ie. one Ken Kaneki mask. So if you are looking for a Tokyo ghoul Ken Kaneki mask, then this is the perfect item to buy. But if you are searching for other tokyo ghoul mask cosplays, then unfortunately, this is not it.  

The authenticity of the Kaneki mask:

This synthetic leather kaneki mask tokyo ghoul is definitely going to complete your cosplay look this halloween. The mask has been rated highly by other customers ensuring that it, infact, looks exactly like the original Ken Kaneki mask. The material from which the mask is made does not irritate your skin (unless you are allergic to synthetic leather). Other than that, the tokyo ghoul kaneki mask is refundable so if you have any issues, you can just return it.

Why is Tokyo Ghoul mask Kaneki so Good?

The Ken Kaneki mask Tokyo Ghoul has become one of the most popular masks. It has especially become a fan favourite this Halloween because of the hype surrounding the Tokyo Ghoul season 3 and so people are looking for the perfect Kaneki mask cosplay.

In the anime, Kaneki’s mask is designed by Uta, who owns a ArtMask studio called HySy. The Tokyo Ghoul masks were originally created by Uta to hide the fact that Kaneki and his other “comrades” were half Ghoul and half human. The Kaneki Ken mask hides his one “ghoul” eye so he could roam freely during the day as a human. So initially, the Kaneki mask serves as a way to hide his half-ghoul side during the day but eventually, the Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki mask becomes an integral part and an expression of his identity in the anime.

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Note: I tried the mask personally before selling it so you can check it out in the images I took below:


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm
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