Touka Kirishima Cosplay Uniform

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  • Includes: Jacket, skirt and bow tie
  • Material: Soft polyester
  • Looks just like the one in the Anime
  • High quality material
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The Touka Cosplay costume is a significant one in the Tokyo Ghoul universe. The school girl Touka Kirishima cosplay represents the earlier part of her life and signifies the change she went through.

We have the most authentic one that greatly resembles the original touka cosplay uniform. Our touka cosplay consists of a Jacket, Skirt and Bow tie which are made up of polyester that will not irritate your skin. The fabric is made up of soft polyester so that you can wear it for long hours without worrying about getting rashes or so. Just to clear the air, this cosplay does not contain the shirt but you can easily get a plain white shirt or wear an existing one right from your ward robe.

Material: Polyester

Components: Jacket + Shirt + Bow Tie

Size Chart:

Touka Kirishima cosplay

Why buy the Touka Cosplay Costume?

It is a must have for several reasons; Firstly, it is perfect for cosplay. Any Tokyo Ghoul fans know the importance of the character and appreciate everything that she brings to the table. So when you choose to wear it, you are not just wearing a costume but embodying a role worthy of being noticed.

The second reason to get cosplay de touka is that the character of Touka Kirishima is highly attractive and beautiful in the series and wearing it will create an illusion of beauty as the Tokyo Ghoul fans will associate you with the original character.

The third reason is that it would be a perfect couple cosplay outfit. If you and your significant other are fans of the series, then ken kaneki and tokyo ghoul touka cosplay are definitely worth the buy.  In the series Touka is the wife of Ken Kaneki so another ideal couple cosplay is now in the mix.

Why Buy From Us:

We guarantee the authenticity of the product which is the reason why we accept returns if the product is not upto your satisfaction or if you have an size issues. We will replace the product as per your need.

Note: We also sell other tokyo ghoul cosplays if you are interested in them

Check out the Images Below:

Touka cosplay Touka cosplay

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